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Technical Specifications


3 T45

Diameter: 76.0mm (3")  
IADC Code: 623CX  
Design number: UT434  
State standard designation: ТЗ-ЦА  


Gradient angle of axle journal 36°
Axle journal offset relative to drill bit axis 0.50 mm
Bearing type Journal bearing
Sealing None
Total number of inserts (inner/heel row) 79 (46/33)
Total number of insert rows (inner/heel row) 11 (8/3)
Number of changeable nozzles 0
Connecting thread З-42 (-)
Drill bit net weight, kg 2.00
Drill bit gross weight, kg 2.50

Recommended Drilling Conditions

Rotation speed 100-40 rpm
Thrust load 3.00-7.00 t (6600 - 15400 lbs)
The lower level of rotation speed value corresponds the upper level of thrust load value and vice versa.


The drill bit is designed for drilling hard abrasive formations

Design Features


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