Quality management

UNIVERSAL DRILLING TECHNIQUE LTD is the only manufacturer of three cone drill bits in Ukraine. The range of products comes up to 230 types of drill bits from 74,6 mm to 490 mm in diameter. Every year 20-25 new types of drill bits are designed and developed. About 85% of our products are exported to The Commonwealth of Independent States, Europe, Middle East and America.

In 2004 Quality Management System was developed and implemented (Drohobych Drill Bits Plant). In 2011 Quality Management System of Universal Drilling Technique was acknowledged by the audit conducted by the American Petroleum Institute (API).

The Certificate of Authority was granted by API (licence) №7-1-1409 which confirms the compliance of roller drill bits with API Standard Spec. 7-1 including the right to use API Monogram.

Every year The American Petroleum Institute audits Quality Management System and Quality Control of monogrammed (licensed) products manufactured by Universal Drilling Technique Ltd.