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Testing drill bits in Peru

At present, the drilling bits of the company "UniDrillTech" are successfully tested by our partners in Peru


High Quality Standards

To achieve our goals in the field of high quality, the manufacturer "Universal Drilling Technique LLC" works in accordance with the latest quality management standards and has individual certificates API Spec. 7-1 and API Spec. Q1
Відповідність стандартам Відповідність стандартам

Partnership with Nadrahidroburmash LLC

Universal Drilling Technique LLC and Nadrahidroburmash LLC have started a partnership between the enterprises. Our partners offer the following list of products for purchase, manufactured at our own facilities:
  1. Drilling equipment:
    • Drill string subs, Type П, Н, М;
    • Subs НКТ and СБТ;
    • Integral blade stabilizers with straight (Type КЛВ, КЛН) and spiral (Type КЛСВ and КЛСВ) blades;;
    • Near-bit stabilizers, Type GogSub;
  2. Borehole breakdown elimination tools:
    • Tapered taps, Type МБУ, МЕС, МЕУ, МЛ, МСЗ;
    • Bell sockets, Types K, KC, КГ, ЛК, ЛКз;
    • Drilling junk catchers, Type ШМУ;
    • Drill mills, Type ФТ, ФЗ, ФК, ФКК;
    • Tubing catches, Type TBH and TH3;
  3. Spare parts for drilling pumps:
    • Valves, Type K2, K7, K9 and for Pump 9T;
    • Cylinder liners for drilling pumps УНБ-600, НБТ-600, БРН-1, 9Т, НБ-32, НБ-125, 11Гр, ДГ3845-А1, УНБТ-950т, IDECO (T-800);;
    • Drill pump pistons УНБ-600, НБТ-600, БРН-1, 9Т, НБ-32, НБ-125, 11Гр;
    • Drill pump rods УНБ-600, НБТ-600, БРН-1, 9Т, НБ-32, НБ-125, 11Гр, ДГ3845-А1, УНБТ-950т, IDECO (T-800);
  4. Other equipment:
    • Drill string drifts;
    • Pipe drifts;
    • Pressure tested valves (diaphragm valves);
    • Repair of support and rotary units of lifting and construction machinery.

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Production of PDC bits

Our custom-designed PDC bits are specifically designed and manufactured with directional drilling in mind.

Our bits are extremely stable, durable and ‘directional’ friendly, which is of the utmost importance when trying to keep the bit in a thin wavering pay zone. It is this steerable bit technology, combined with high ROP, which gives UniDrillTech an advantage in a highly competitive market.

We rely on powerful technical research, scientific management system, innovative technology and perfect service, to supply our customers with best product and solution.

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Tender victory for a Turkish company


«Universal Drilling Technique, LLC» has won the tender


API Management System Audit

Universal Drilling Technique LLC, March 2 - March 6, 2020, has been tested by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for management response to the required specifications API Specification Q1 and the need for API Specification 7-1 wide standard standards.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is a national non-governmental organization in the United States that holds positions in the world for oil production standards. All the oil and gas companies in the world identify the standards he proposes.

Universal Drilling Technique LLC always supports clear production and works on production control.