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Technical Specifications


6 1/4 MC20

Diameter: 158.7mm (6 1/4")  
IADC Code: 212C  
Design number: T123  
State standard designation: С-ПН  


Gradient angle of axle journal 36°
Axle journal offset relative to drill bit axis 3.20 mm
Bearing type Roller bearing
Sealing None
Total number of inserts (inner/heel row) 86 (41/45)
Total number of insert rows (inner/heel row) 8 (5/3)
Number of changeable nozzles 0
Connecting thread 3-88 (3 1/2 REG)
Drill bit net weight, kg 10.20
Drill bit gross weight, kg 11.00

Recommended Drilling Conditions

Rotation speed 115-60 rpm
Thrust load 2.00-10.00 t (4400 - 22000 lbs)
The lower level of rotation speed value corresponds the upper level of thrust load value and vice versa.



Design Features


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