History of the plant

At the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century overseas companies showed great interest in exploration and drilling operations, extracting and transportation of black gold in Boryslav in Subcarpathia. Owing to investments new enterprises were founded, the production goal of which was to meet the industrial needs in Boryslav at that time. Shops and small workshops were founded everywhere. On the 16th of August in 1946 on the basis of one of them named Dross, a mechanical plant was founded which began the history of Universal Drilling Technique, LLC.

Within a few years foundations were laid of one of the first machine building plants in Galicia. At the beginning Drohobych Mechanical Plant specialized in repair of drilling equipment, manufacturing of tanks for drilling, cyclone machines, vehicle tanks, equipment for trailing wood and others.

The first batch of drill bits (32 units) was manufactured in 1947. Since that time the first reconstruction of the plant began. Within the first five years the forging shop, the tool shop, the drilling equipment repair shop and the heat treatment shop were built.

On the 5th of July in 1955 the plant was renamed from "mechanical plant" into "machine building plant".

The year of 1960 was decisive for definitive foundation and development of the plant. The plant switched over to manufacturing only drilling tools. The new area of activity set new challenges to expand the production area. The second reconstruction of the plant began. A new block was successfully built which comprised three shops – mechanical shop, heat treatment shop and assembly shop. The construction of the largest forging shop in Ukraine was a real labour victory. Drohobych Drill Bits Plant gained the status of All Soviet Union Enterprise.

On the 15th of March in 1966 the plant was renamed from "machine building" into "drill bits plant".

In the June of 1970 the plant reaches the quantity of one million manufactured drill bits.

Owing to the growing volumes of drilling deep and ultra-deep boreholes, the industry required more and more drill bits of deep drilling capacity. Drohobych Drill Bits Plant became one of the plants with the highest production capacity in the Soviet Union. Each third drill bit manufactured at that time in the country was manufactured in Drohobych.
Within April and May of 2003 another reconstruction of the drill bits plant was completed by moving the main workshops into the modern Block 5 without stopping the production process. A year later the heat treatment shop was brought into operation which is equipped with five new powerful Ipsen furnaces.

Since 2010 "Drohobych Drill Bits Plant" was renamed "Universal Drilling Technique LLC".

When the new shareholders joined the company in 2016 the name of the company was changed to LLC Universal Drilling Technique. The company focuses on manufacturing high quality products and increasing the quantities and the stock list of the manufactured drilling tools. The Quality Management System has been implemented in compliance with the API Spec Q1" standard.

Roller drill bits are certified by the API for the right to apply the API monogram according to the standard of API Spec.7-1 what is approved by Certificate № 7-1-1409.