"Universal Drilling Technique, LLC" has successfully been audited on Quality Management.

"Universal Drilling Technique, LLC" has successfully been audited on Quality Management System by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and obtained the certificate confirming the compliance of the system with АРІ Specification Q1 Standard and the compliance of roller drill bits with АРІ 7-1 Standard. The licence for the right to apply АРІ 7-1-1409 monogram has been also acquired.

Large-scale production modernization

Our company "Universal Drilling Technique, LLC" which manufactures its products under the UniDrillTech trade mark modernizes the production process on a large scale. The goal of modernization is to upgrade the quality of the manufactured products and improve the efficiency of the whole production process. One of the key moments of modernization is to upgrade energy efficiency of the production process, increase reliability of the equipment used in production in order to shorten periods of scheduled maintenance or other repair operations. One of the participants of the process is "Nikmas" concern from which the stationary compressor station ВВ-25/8А has been purchased to replace the outmoded compressor station ВП-50/8. Using of this station will enable to reduce electricity consumption more than twice, extend repair periods and abandon using water cooling. These solutions in general will enable to enhance operation efficiency of all pneumatic tools and equipment. The supplier of the equipment was "Nikmas Trade House" which specialists put the station into operation. Taking into consideration the above mentioned, our company intends to continue cooperation with "Nikmas" concern in development and implementation of electricity saving engineering solutions.

Partners from Italy visited UniDrillTech, LLC

The partners from Marchi Giorgio Srl company, one of the biggest suppliers of drilling equipment in Italy visited «Universal Drilling Technique» LLC. During their visit the work on the current projects for delivery of drill bits was discussed. The meeting with the management, engineers and technical specialists of the company also took place. The parties have come to an agreement to enlarge the range of products and increase the volumes of sales.